Monday, June 04, 2007

The Bridge Game: reading the War on Terror

The Bridge Game: reading the War on Terror
June 4th, 2007

Soon all the people in the world will be ruled by bureaucrats accountable only to the wealthy nihilists whose power lust employs them. Flags will continue to wave, the patriotism and self-sacrifice of men will be exploited as the “war on terror” builds the bridge to an internationalized world system. In this brave and borderless new world of collapsing economies and falling birthrates, nations will dissolve like dreams as American citizens are discovering via their government’s “comprehensive immigration reform” plans, the submersion of America in a North American Union and the nation’s increased integration with the Communist and German supremacists who run the European Collective Security System, also known as the EU.

How does it work? When Germany and the Vatican destroyed Yugoslavia (after pre-agreement between Russia and Germany in 1990) and brought Croatia and Slovenia into the German economic system, Anglo-America, in the form of NATO rushed in, guns a-blazing to have its hand in the residue, a NATO-EU protectorate now absorbed into the Eurasian system. “The freedom of small nations” is a bitter joke to those targeted by these “humanitarian interventions” (Tony Blair, April 1999); a joke shared by Bush, Putin and Germany’s orcs in Brussels. It’s fine with the Imperial Papacy, too.

The Clintons liked to talk about the bridge to the New World. We are living it: the War on Terror where the enemy is vague and victory is not an option. Read the rest of this entry »


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