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Germany in Iran

Newsletter 2009/06/22

In spite of explicit warnings, German organizations are trying to escalate the internal power struggles in Iran. The state-financed Deutsche Welle radio station is one of the foreign broadcasters, whose Farsi-language program is firing the protesters on, with hourly reports on reactions from the west. Party-affiliated foundations, including the German Free Democratic Party (FDP) -affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation are offering their partnership to those opposing the central structures of Iran's government. After initial hesitations, the German Foreign Ministry has also begun to openly intervene in the domestic affairs of a fellow UN member nation, making "demands" on the government of a sovereign country. Over the weekend, the chancellery also assumed the position of a challenging partisan in the Iranian domestic power struggles. German press organs are indulging in blood-lecherous anticipation of the "chaos in Teheran." Every intervention in the current power struggles is "highly detrimental," assessed Bahman Nirumand an expert on Iran. It makes the protest demonstrators appear to be "guided by the West, their leaders will be branded as collaborators." Indeed, the current support for the Iranian opposition is essentially motivated by foreign policy objectives. As long as the West had its Shah regime in power in Teheran, the Iranian movement for democracy was repressed, in a bloodbath, with western help.

Over the weekend representatives of the government in Berlin issued numerous statements intended to teach the Iranian government how to behave democratically. The Iranian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, in a colonial hegemonic manner. The Iranians are rejecting this interference and threatening to break diplomatic relations with Berlin. Still, German organizations close to the government are continuing unabated their activities, fanning domestic protests in Iran. Among the main perpetrators of foreign seditious propaganda are the official German foreign radio station, the Deutsche Welle and several German party-affiliated foundations....

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Manifest Destiny or confusion

The Fallen Timbers Battle Monument is Mad!

Fallen Timbers Monument
"Mad" Anthony Wayne, a Kentucky militiaman and an American Indian
Maumee, Ohio

What a schizophrenic monument! Manifest Destiny decreed the White Israelites would triumph over the Beringian immigrants ("Indians") and they did. All things considered, every battle has winners and losers. Are we to expect battle monuments across our God-given nation that tells "both sides" of the story? What confusion!

The Fallen Timbers Battle Monument is mad! One side praises the White Settlers, another side memorializes the massacre of White Settlers, another side praises Indians who murdered White people and another side celebrates Pioneers who were able to move onward in peace (thanks to peace through strength).

If that's not dizzying enough, there's a nearby monument in memory of all the Indians who "gave their lives at this place" located next to the


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David Ben-Ariel YouTube Videos!

9602 views and counting!

Don't Give Up!
If you begin to cry out to God for help, even if it's only a whimper because you're so weak, He'll see and hear and respond. "The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saves such as be of a contrite spirit... none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate" (Ps. 34:18, 22).

Beyond Babylon David Ben Ariel
Beyond Babylon - the little book with a big impact - is destined to become a national debate and an international controversy!

Shimon Peres Rebuked!
Christian-Zionist David Ben-Ariel's strong response to Shimon Peres' weak AIPAC speech, condemning the lying peace process, collaboration with the Vatican and warning about UN Resolution 181 as the Final Solution!

Born Again: The Kingdom of God!
GOD IS REPRODUCING HIMSELF! That's the glorious Good News that Jesus boldly proclaimed! The Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD announces the GOD KINGDOM: a Spirit-Born Kingdom of God-Beings! A Royal Family that we can enter (Rev. 3:21). A Divine Family that will administer God's Government throughout the universe and eternity (Isa. 9:7; Dan. 7:18).

I'm not a terrorist
Is David Ben-Ariel a terrorist? Did he try to blow up the mosques in Israel? Is that why he was deported from Israel? Or is he simply somebody who has been targeted for exposing the German-Vatican plot against Jerusalem and highlighting the Nazi Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount?

God and Gays
God and the Gays - What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality!

United States in Prophecy!
The United States is mentioned in the Bible! We're descendants from Joseph and are Joes. The Jews are from the tribe of Judah. We need to get away from counterfeit Christianity and back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and keep His Sabbath and biblical holy days.

Holocaust Hypocrisy!
Jews have failed to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and Israel proves it by permitting the German pope to pollute Jerusalem with his false peace proposals

Warning Jews
Warning Jews about the pope's plans for Jerusalem: Rome's dream will become Jerusalem's NIGHTMARE

Evil Eye
The Nazi pope aims to rip the heart out of Israel: Jerusalem!

Death to America
Death to the American, British and Jewish peoples? Concentration camps for YOUR family and friends? Why would God permit Europe to defeat and deport us? Does He really hate the abominations of Christmas and Easter that much?

Europe Nukes US!
Beyond Babylon warns we're going down & out because of our idolatry & immorality.

Dead & Buried
If somebody tells you folks are up in Heaven, they don't know what they're talking about. The Bible reveals the biblical heroes are dead & buried, waiting for the return of Christ and their resurrection!

Emperor Obama
Why has Obama FAILED to prove he's a natural born citizen? Shame on conservative cowards who have FAILED to demand proof! This is further proof America is under a curse

Pearly Gates
"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth" - Matthew 5:5The New Jerusalem is coming down to EARTH - we don't go to Heaven!

A Household Word
The general public doesn't have a clue about the Gospel or the Ezekiel Warning Message! That woeful ignorance indicts the Church of God, since God says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." And that same God warns about our responsibility to sound the alarm so British-Israelites and Jews, and repentant Gentiles, can seek shelter in Him and avert the imminent nuclear Holocaust.

Drunks and Whores
Many professing Christians remain in denial that traditional Catholics and Protestants are spiritual drunks and whores (intoxicated by Catholic concoctions), drug addicts (under the heavy influence of Rome); traditional Christians and Catholics are spiritual practicing homosexuals, REPROBATES having a perverse spiritual preference for tradition over truth, for abominable baptized paganism, counterfeit Christian holidays they've accepted (following Constantine, not Jesus Christ), falling for accursed Rome's replacement theology that would replace the biblical Sabbath and holy days and dietary laws (we are commanded to keep) with their idolatrous traditions and unclean doctrines of demons.

"I don't hate all black people"
Dealing with charges of racism and terrorism, David Ben-Ariel speaks out

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Return to Zion?

This month's issue of The Jewish Voice and Opinion magazine (June 2009) runs a full page ad describing the unjust deportation of David Ben-Ariel from Israel for highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount under Nazi Muslim occupation and for exposing the German-Vatican plot against Jerusalem.

Jewish Voice and Opinion ad about David Ben-Ariel

A House of Prayer For All Peoples?
Jewish guards prevent Christians and Jews from exercising their religious right to pray on the Temple Mount? That's right! Only Muslims have unlimited access to Judaism's most holy site. Only the Koran is permitted within. The Tanach (Jewish Scripture, known to much of the world as the "Old Testament") and Christian Scriptures (the New Testament) are forbidden. Yet Israel claims to respect the religious rights of all people.

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound
Nobody arrested me. I was detained when I faithfully reported to the police office at 9 a.m. Monday morning, January 9, 1996 (day before my birthday) the day after The Jerusalem Post published on their front page an article shedding light on what they were doing in the dark: "GSS Seeks to Deport American Citizen for Plot to Blow Up Al Aksa Mosque."

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel
As a Christian-American member of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, I had been privileged to participate in their legal demonstrations during my 10-month stay in Jerusalem awaiting dual citizenship. Israeli television often showed me with my Jewish friends carrying Israeli flags throughout the Old City.

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All About Water Baptism by Herbert W. Armstrong

by Herbert W. Armstrong
1948, 1954, 1972 edition

ABOUT OUR COVER: The Jordan River at flood level near the Sea of Galilee. Jesus Christ was baptized in its swirling waters (Matt. 3:13-17).


IS WATER baptism essential to salvation? What about the "thief on the cross"? Was he saved without it? What is the proper form, or mode -- sprinkling, pouring or immersion? Should babies and children be baptized? Suppose you were baptized by a minister you have since lost confidence in. Should you be baptized over again? Suppose you were baptized "in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost [Spirit]." Should you be baptized again "in the name of Jesus" only? Should one be baptized IMMEDIATELY, or only "after a six months' probation"? Must the ordinance be performed by an ordained minister?


WE ARE saved by GRACE, and through FAITH -- make no mistake about that; but -- there are conditions!

And millions are being deceived, misled into thinking they are saved, when they are not!

People have been taught, falsely, that "Christ completed the Plan of Salvation on the Cross" -- when actually it was only begun there. The popular denominations have taught, "Just BELIEVE -- that's all there is to it; believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are that instant saved!"

That teaching is false! And because of deception -- because the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ has been all but blotted out, lo these 1900 years by the preaching of a false gospel about the Person of Christ -- and often a false Christ at that -- millions today WORSHIP CHRIST -- and all in vain! "In vain do they worship me," said Jesus, "teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Mark 7: 6-9).

Man is mortal. Man has no immortality inherent within himself. Christ Jesus, only, of all men who have lived, has immortality (I Tim. 6:16). The penalty of sin is DEATH -- the second, or eternal, death, from which there will be no resurrection. And ALL have sinned and come under this sentence. Only GOD has eternal life inherent in Himself (John 5:26) -- only GOD has eternal life to give. And as the Father has life in -- inherent in -- Himself, so has He given to the Son, Christ, to have immortal life inherent within Himself. And through Christ, God gives it to us (I John 5:11-12) -- and whoever has not Christ has not eternal life. Eternal life is a GIFT no man has until he receives it as GOD'S GIFT (Rom. 6:23).

The BLOOD of Christ does not finally save any man. The death of Christ merely paid the penalty of sin in our stead -- it wipes the slate clean of past sins -- it saves us merely from the DEATH PENALTY -- it removes that which separated us from God and reconciles us to God.

But we are SAVED -- that is, given immortal life -- by Christ's LIFE, not by His death (Rom. 5:10). Christ is a living Saviour! He is not dead -- He rose from the dead! We could never be saved by His blood alone, if He had not risen from the dead (I Cor. 15:17-18).

We are mortal, without immortal life inherent in us, under penalty of eternal DEATH from sin -- unless saved. To be saved, we must be born of God, who is a Spirit. We were born of human parents, and therefore we are human -- flesh -- dust -- of the earth, earthy (John 3:3, 6; Gen. 2:7; 3:19; I Cor. 15:47-49). To be born of God, we must, first, now in this life, receive the impregnating LIFE -- the Holy Spirit -- from God. We are then merely begotten, spiritually -- comparing to an unborn human babe still in its mother's womb -- not yet really BORN. We then become merely HEIRS of the Kingdom -- not yet inheritors.

Becoming converted means being CHANGED. When one receives the Holy Spirit of God, his whole viewpoint, his outlook, his purposes, goals, ways of thought -- everything -- becomes CHANGED! It is a renewing of the MIND -- the Spirit of a sound mind. But he is as yet merely begotten. And, as the unborn babe must be fed, through the mother, and must develop and grow physically before it can be born, so the converted human, now spiritually begotten, must be fed on the spiritual food of GOD'S WORD, and must GROW SPIRITUALLY -- must grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ as He reveals His knowledge through His Word (II Peter 3:18). He must OVERCOME the down-pull of his human nature and achieve self-discipline. He must learn PATIENCE, must grow in LOVE, FAITH, and UNDERSTANDING. He must do the WORKS of Christ; and, in this spiritual growth -- this life of active service -- he must ENDURE persecutions and afflictions and trials UNTO THE END.

It is only those who, during this Christian Spirit-begotten life, have grown in knowledge and grace, have overcome, have developed spiritually, done the works of Christ, and endured unto the end, who shall finally be given IMMORTALITY -- finally changed from mortal to IMMORTAL at the time of the second coming of Christ (I Cor. 15:53-54).

So, being, as we say, converted -- receiving the Holy Spirit of God -- is merely the beginning! Then begins a lifetime of LIVING under the GOVERNMENT OF GOD -- by God's laws which express His will, instead of by self-will and desire.

A PERSON IS NOT EVEN BEGOTTEN OF GOD UNLESS HE IS CHRIST'S (I John 5:12). AND HE IS NOT CHRIST'S UNLESS HE HAS RECEIVED THE HOLY SPIRIT (Rom. 8:9). One is not even converted -- spiritually begotten- -not even STARTED on the way to final salvation, unless and until he RECEIVES THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM GOD! The question, then -- how to make the first BEGINNING of becoming a Christian -- how to START on the Christian life -- which leads to eternal life -- is how to thus be CHANGED and receive God's Holy Spirit!

"What Shall We Do?"

Notice the very beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:15). Jesus said, "REPENT ye, and BELIEVE the gospel." The very first words He proclaimed, at the very beginning of His Gospel, were to command the TWO CONDITIONS to becoming a Christian: REPENTANCE, and FAITH. Those are the two things we must do! Repentance is toward GOD. Faith is toward Christ. Repentance means to quit sinning, and sin is the transgression of God's spiritual LAW -- so repentance means to begin living according to God's Commandments! And Jesus said "believe the GOSPEL." And the GOSPEL is the Good News of the Kingdom of God -- which means GOVERNMENT of God, and government means obedience to LAWS, in this case God's laws, which express the will of God -- government by the WILL OF GOD, no longer by human self-will!

After Jesus had completed His earthly ministry, had paid the penalty of your sins, had risen from the dead and ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent on the day of Pentecost.

Thousands were in Jerusalem for this festival. When the Spirit of God came upon -- and into -- the disciples that morning, thousands came in awe and wonder at the majestic spectacle. Peter then preached the first inspired sermon of this Christian dispensation. Thousands were convicted in their hearts. They realized their lost condition. They realized Christ was indeed Messiah -- SAVIOUR!

"What shall we do?" they cried out to Peter and the disciples. "HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED?"

Peter was now inspired. The answer came straight and direct!


There are the conditions -- JUST TWO -- the same as Jesus gave them at the very beginning of His Gospel -- REPENT, and BELIEVE! For one cannot be rightly baptized except he believe (Acts 8:37). Baptism is an ordinance symbolizing FAITH in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

Once these conditions are complied with, God stands bound by a PROMISE to put within the repentant believer HIS SPIRIT -- which means His LOVE, faith, understanding, gentleness and goodness, power, etc. -- His attitude of mind -- the Spirit of a sound mind -- His very LIFE -- the impregnation and begettal of eternal life, and the very character of God! The HOLY SPIRIT in one CHANGES one!

"For the PROMISE is unto you, and to your children ... even as many as the Lord our God shall call" (Acts 2:39).


Jesus' Example!

Jesus in all things set us an example, that we should follow His steps. He was the example for Christian living for the individual, and also the living example for His called ministers (I Peter 2:21).

Jesus, though He had committed no sins to be remitted, was baptized, setting the example for us. You'll read of it in Matthew 3:13-17. In being baptized, Jesus was immersed in water (not sprinkled or poured upon) because "Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water." Immediately the Spirit of God descended upon Him, in this case visibly, and a voice from heaven said: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." God help us, that by His help, power, and grace, we may be enabled to live such overcoming lives that He may finally say the same of us!

Meaning of "In the Name of Jesus Christ"

Jesus also set the example for ministers. Did you know that Jesus baptized more disciples than John the Baptist?

Listen: "After these things came Jesus and his disciples into the land of Judea; and there he tarried with them, and baptized .... When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, (Though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples) ... " (John 3:22 and 4:1-2).

There is an important meaning here. Actually Jesus did not do the physical work of baptizing these people Himself -- He had His disciples do it for Him! And what they did, by His authority and command, is attributed to Him! So it was considered as if Jesus Himself had baptized them.

Here is a most important truth. His disciples did the baptizing IN HIS NAME -- that is, in His stead -- they did it for Him, by His authority -- and that was considered just the same as if Jesus had actually done it Himself! In fact, the Holy Spirit actually inspired the direct statement that Jesus baptized more disciples than John. When, at His direction, and by His authority, His chosen disciples, chosen by Him, did it for Him, it is considered that JESUS did the baptizing. He did it, in other words, by and through His disciples!

To ask for anything in prayer, or to do or perform anything, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, is to ask or do it BY HIS AUTHORITY. It is to act for Him. To do it for Him, in His stead. It is acting as if by power of attorney to act FOR Him. It implies He has delegated that authority to us. And indeed He has! For we are commanded to do all things IN THE NAME OF CHRIST!

Jesus Commanded Baptism

Keep in mind the clear picture of the true GOSPEL. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Message which GOD SENT to the world, and Christ was the divine Messenger who brought and proclaimed it. It was not primarily a Message about Himself, but about the Kingdom -- the GOVERNMENT -- of God. Jesus devoted three-and-a-half years to teaching this Message to His twelve apostles.

After His resurrection, Jesus gave them the final GOSPEL COMMISSION for this age, and in it He commanded baptism as an obligatory ordinance for this Gospel dispensation:

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach THE GOSPEL" (the Message God sent and Christ proclaimed) "TO EVERY CREATURE. He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned" (Mark 16:15-16). Note these points: The GOSPEL to be preached was not the present-day message ABOUT the Person of Christ, but the Message He brought and preached -- the Good News of the GOVERNMENT of God. What is it necessary to BELIEVE to be saved? That which is preached -- the GOSPEL! When even the preachers today do away with God's LAW, and therefore the government (Kingdom) of God -- for there can be no government without law -- they deny that which must be believed to be saved -- and their followers cannot be saved, but are deceived! And, also, it is "he that is baptized" that shall be saved. It's part of the divine Commission -- a required ordinance for salvation!

Notice Matthew's version of the Great Commission:

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations ... " surely the disciples were to teach these nations that which Jesus had taught them -- the Message God had sent Him to deliver and proclaim to the world -- the Good News of the government of God -- a Message that has not been preached for 1800 years or more! "... Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you" (Matt. 28:19-20).

Here again, in the final Great Commission for preaching the Gospel in this age, Christ commanded BAPTISM. And here He specifically stated "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost [Spirit]."

In Name of Jesus Only

Since some today are being baptized over again "in the name of Jesus ONLY" in order to eliminate the Father, and the Holy Spirit, this should be considered here. The contention of these people is that this passage in Matthew 28:19 is the only place in the Bible where the names of the Father and the Holy Spirit are commanded. They argue that a thing must be established "in the mouth of two or more witnesses," and since they claim there is but this one witness to this command, it must be rejected. All other passages mention only the name of Jesus.

The explanation is that two or more witnesses are required only in the case of HUMAN testimony -- where one accuses another. That instruction does not apply to the divine Witness, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, and to assume it does is surely close to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit! On the contrary, "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable ...." And, THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE BROKEN! If you can break, disprove, reject, or throw out this one scripture, you can reject all the rest!

In this passage, the word translated "in" should properly be translated "into." The meaning, then, is that repentant believers are baptized INTO God the Father, and into Christ the Son, and into the Holy Spirit. But the one who plunges the new believer under the water performs the act IN THE NAME OF -- that is, by authority of, JESUS CHRIST. Why? Because Jesus said "ALL POWER" -- and that includes all authority -- "is given unto me in heaven and in earth." He has ALL authority! Either we do it by His authority, or else we are doing it without any authority.

New Testament Ordinance

The apostles understood this as a divine Commission and Command. They carried it out. They always baptized repentant believers.

The first inspired sermon after the Holy Spirit came to convert Peter and the apostles was mentioned above. Peter commanded all to repent, and to be baptized.

And "they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls" (Acts 2:41).

"Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them ... But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women" (Acts 8:5, 12).

Some, who do not believe in water baptism, may say this baptism was not with water, but with the Holy Spirit. But later, when the apostles sent Peter and John down to these people at Samaria, they, "when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Spirit: For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus" (verses 15-16).

None of them had been as yet baptized with the Holy Spirit -- yet they already were baptized. Since they had not been baptized with the Holy Spirit, obviously they had been baptized in water.

Baptism Definitely Commanded

As Peter preached the first inspired sermon after the coming of the Holy Spirit, and commanded baptism -- to the Jews in Jerusalem, so God sent Peter also to first preach the Gospel to the Gentiles ten years later. It was at the house of a very devout Gentile, Cornelius. But devout though he was, he did not understand -- did not have saving KNOWLEDGE. He knew no better than to fall down at Peter's feet and worship him, a mere man. God had sent Peter to instruct him.

Peter preached to Cornelius' family, "The word which God sent" -- the Message God sent by Jesus Christ as Messenger. And "while Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Spirit fell on all them which heard the word" (Acts 10:44). In verse 45 it is termed "the gift of the Holy Spirit." The word "ALSO" indicates the same "baptism" with the Holy Spirit as Peter and the apostles had received. In Acts 11:15-17 it is plainly described as the SAME "baptism" with the Holy Spirit the apostles had received. Now these had received the "baptism" with the Spirit.

"Then answered Peter, Can any man forbid WATER, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Spirit as well as we? And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord" (Acts 10:46-48).

Here is a definite inspired COMMAND to be baptized in WATER.

Immersion, Sprinkling, or Pouring?

As in all other points of doctrine, the churches today are in utmost confusion -- some practicing pouring, some sprinkling, some immersing. Some say it makes no difference. Those who sprinkle usually apply it to children.

The word "baptize" is not an English word. It is a Greek word. The New Testament was written in the Greek language. In translating it into English, the translators left this Greek word untranslated. Literally, in the Greek, the word is "baptizo". The definition of this word is "IMMERSE." It means to plunge into, put into, dip. It does not mean "to sprinkle" or "to pour." The Greek word for "sprinkle" is "rantidzo", and "to pour" is "cheo" in Greek. The Holy Spirit did not inspire the use of these words, but baptizo, meaning IMMERSE, PUT INTO.

Therefore sprinkling or pouring IS NOT BAPTIZING!

When one understands the meaning of the words inspired, it is silly to talk about "which form or mode of baptizing shall we use -- sprinkling, pouring, or immersing?" It is as ridiculous as to ask which form of IMMERSING shall we use -- sprinkling, pouring, or immersing? Or as to ask "which form or mode of skiing shall we use -- swimming, ice-skating, or skiing?" Swimming and ice-skating are not skiing. Sprinkling and pouring are not baptizing.

John baptized around about Aenon near Jerusalem, "because there was much water there" (John 3:23). He would have needed only a cupful to sprinkle, or a pitcherful to pour -- but baptizing required "MUCH WATER" in a river. Also this verse indicates John baptized the subject with much water, not by pouring a cupful of water on the subject.

Jesus set us an example -- there was no other purpose in His baptism -- and He was put down into the water, for He went up OUT OF the water. Both Philip and the eunuch went down INTO the water (Acts 8:38). There was no reason whatever for Philip to go actually into the water, except for the reason there was no other way he could plunge the eunuch INTO the river. They came up out of the water (verse 39).

The Meaning of Baptism

Baptism is a BURIAL, and a RISING from a grave. Notice Colossians 2:12. "Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are RISEN with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead." Neither sprinkling nor pouring is a burial, and one rises up out of neither. They do not picture the symbolic meaning of baptism, and therefore are meaningless.

When one is plunged INTO the water, he is in a watery grave. He would not live ten minutes unless brought up out of the water -- unless RISEN from this watery grave. Therefore a person immersed in water is in a literal grave.

Notice further: "Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection" (Rom. 6:3-5).

There is the beautiful symbolism -- the real meaning of baptism.

It pictures, in symbol, the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

But it is a DUAL picture, as all things in God's Plan are DUAL in operation. It also pictures the crucifixion of the old self (verses 6-7), or of the sinning life, the burial of this sinning self, and the coming up out of this watery grave, symbolic of a CHANGED person resurrected to a new, righteous, spiritual life in Christ Jesus.

Going down into the water pictures the DEATH of Christ, and of the old self.

Burial in the water pictures the BURIAL of Christ, and of the old self.

Coming up out of the water pictures Christ's RESURRECTION, and a spiritually resurrected person walking henceforth "in newness of life."

Water baptism is the ordinance ordained of Christ by which we express our FAITH in Christ as Saviour -- our ACCEPTANCE of His death, burial, and resurrection for us, and our repentance of the old life and burial of it, rising to new and higher life henceforth. It is a beautiful ordinance, full of meaning!

Not Baptized Into a Denomination

Notice carefully, too -- we are "BAPTIZED INTO JESUS CHRIST" (verse 3, above), or, as Jesus expressed it in Matthew 28:19, into the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- NOT INTO SOME CHURCH ORGANIZATION OR DENOMINATION.

In many sectarian churches today the minister will refuse to baptize one except into his church -- his group or organization of human beings. That is not proper baptism. We are to be baptized into the DIVINE FAMILY -- the family of God. And it is to be done "in the name" -- by the authority -- of Jesus Christ.

Baptism has degenerated in many churches into a rite or ceremony of entrance into the fellowship of that sectarian organization -- nothing more than a rite by which one joins a lodge or social club!

Note well these facts: One may "join" a lodge, social club, or organized group of MEN (and most churches today have degenerated into social societies). But ONE CANNOT JOIN THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD! You cannot GET in of your own accord! No, GOD MUST PUT YOU IN -- no man can do it -- you cannot do it yourself!

How does one gain entrance into the true CHURCH? "By ONE SPIRIT are we all baptized into [PUT INTO] one body" -- the Body of Christ, the true Church of God. "Baptize" means "PUT INTO." When we receive the Holy Spirit of God to change us -- to make us as new creatures in Christ -- it is the impregnation of eternal LIFE from God. It is the very life-germ from God the FATHER. It is the Spirit of sonship whereby we become HIS CHILDREN, and may call Him "FATHER" (Rom. 8:14-15). The CHURCH OF GOD is the Household of God- -composed of GOD'S CHILDREN. We do not become His children until begotten of Him -- until we receive His Spirit -- His Nature -- His Life. When we receive His Spirit, therefore, we are automatically PUT INTO His family -- HIS CHURCH! Joining one of the social clubs called churches does not put one into GOD'S Church!

Now water baptism is a required CONDITION to receiving the Holy Spirit. At Samaria, and again at Ephesus, they did not receive the Holy Spirit until after they were baptized in water (Acts 8:14-17; 19:1-6). True, at Cornelius' house they did receive the Holy Spirit, and thereby were baptized BY the Spirit into the CHURCH before water baptism -- but Peter immediately commanded water baptism. This was a rare exception to the rule.

BUT THERE IS NO PROMISE THAT ANYONE WILL RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT UNTIL BAPTIZED IN WATER -- even though God in His wisdom and love may on rare occasions make an exception. The command is, "Repent, and be baptized" -- and THEN "ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

The Thief on the Cross

Is baptism essential? How about the "thief on the cross"?

The answer is, GOD COMMANDS WATER BAPTISM. The water baptism is not the thing that saves us. While it is commanded "for the remission of sins," yet it is merely symbolic of that which remits our sins -- the DEATH OF CHRIST. While also it pictures His resurrection, by which we are finally SAVED, it is merely the symbol, not the reality.

The true explanation is that the "thief on the cross" was unable to be baptized. And since baptism is not the thing which saves us from the death penalty, makes us righteous, or imparts eternal life, he did not lose salvation because of circumstances out of his control. God makes allowance for such cases.

But God commands water baptism; and for one WHO IS ABLE to either defy the command and refuse, or neglect, or even put off obedience to this command until too late, certainly would be an act of disobedience which would impose the PENALTY of sin, and cause loss of salvation.

You need not worry about the thief on the cross -- or one utterly UNABLE to be baptized. You need be MUCH concerned, however -- you who are able -- about obedience to the command. It is essential to salvation inasmuch as God commands it, and noncompliance is disobedience which would mean loss of salvation.

How Long Should We Wait?

This brings us to the question -- how soon must we be baptized?

One or two denominations insist it be put off until the candidate has PROVED HIMSELF -- has proved he has the Holy Spirit and is living a righteous spiritual life -- or has come to certain spiritual KNOWLEDGE. One denomination will not baptize people until they come to "see" and accept God's LAW, and many of this denomination's doctrines, and usually there is a six-months' probation period.

Paul says God's Law "IS SPIRITUAL," and that the carnal (unconverted) mind is not subject to the Law and CANNOT be (Rom. 7:14 and 8:7). The order of God is: 1st) preach the Gospel, leading to a conviction of sin in the hearts of those God calls, leading to REPENTANCE and FAITH in Christ; 2nd) BAPTISM; and 3rd) they shall receive the HOLY SPIRIT, which renews their minds, teaches them, reveals spiritual truth. Since one cannot spiritually understand God's spiritual Law or spiritual things UNTIL he receives the Holy Spirit, and he must be baptized before he has a promise of the Holy Spirit, he should be baptized first. EVERYONE knows he has sinned, and lived contrary to God's will, though he may not have spiritual understanding of God's will. God can grant repentance to a carnal mind before the conversion of that mind. One does not need a spiritual college education in Bible knowledge to repent and be baptized into Christ. Jesus' order of events was, 1st) PREACH THE GOSPEL, 2nd) BAPTIZE repentant believers, 3rd) TEACH THEM THE COMMANDMENTS (Matt. 28:19-20).

Therefore, how long should baptism be put off?

The answer is, just as soon as one has been convicted in his heart of his past sins and sinful life -- just as soon as one realizes his own way of life has been WRONG, and becomes sick and tired of it, and turns from his own ways and wants to find GOD'S WAYS and live them, truly REPENTS of his past life of sins, and BELIEVES in and ACCEPTS Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, and the One whom he must obey henceforth, and WANTS TO TURN TO THE CHANGED, DIFFERENT, NEW AND HAPPY LIFE OF FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS, and to become a child of God -- then that person should be baptized IMMEDIATELY if possible -- and if this is not possible, then AS SOON as a true servant of God is available to perform the baptism.

Baptism Should Never Be Delayed

It might be neglected until too late! In every case recounted in the New Testament, repentant believers were baptized IMMEDIATELY.

On the day of Pentecost, 3,000 were baptized THAT SAME DAY. Philip baptized the eunuch AT ONCE. God sent Ananias to baptize Saul, whose name was changed to Paul, the apostle. Immediately on meeting him, Ananias said: "And now WHY TARRIEST THOU? arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord" (Acts 22:16). Paul baptized the Philippian jailer and those in his house "the same hour of the night" -- and it was after midnight (Acts 16:33). They did not even wait until daylight!

Should Children Be Baptized?

One cannot be baptized until after he has fully REPENTED. Only those who BELIEVE, both the true GOSPEL (the Message Jesus preached, which is the Kingdom, or Government of God) and on JESUS CHRIST as personal Saviour, can be baptized (see Acts 2:38; 8:37; 16:31).

Children have not reached that maturity where they have the self-discipline to truly repent, and believe. I am thinking of instances in which children, 8 to 12 years old, were baptized by others against my objections and protests, and without exception, those children soon became more unruly, more disobedient, more sinful, than before.

When some Samaritans repented at Philip's preaching, "they were baptized, both men and women" (Acts 8:12). Only the adults were mature enough to be ready for baptism.

The average mind does not mature until about age 25 -- though there are often exceptions. Some few mature and become sober and serious in life outlook by 16, or on rare occasions, even younger.

An immature mind may experience an emotional feeling of temporary remorse, and this may be falsely construed as REPENTANCE when it is only momentary, soon forgotten. It is like "puppy-love." How many teenagers, 13 to 17, have a number of temporary emotional experiences of feeling sure they are "in love." Of course they themselves feel sure of it, and cannot be talked out of it. Usually they grow out of it, but in rare cases, of course, they may really "know their minds" -- though this is the rare exception, not the rule. So with repentance and belief.

The child who is baptized may be ever so serious about it at the time. But when that child grows older, he or she undergoes an entirely new experience in life -- comes under "teen-age" influences which are quite different today than one or two generations ago -- must meet many temptations peculiar to energetic, dynamic, restless, excitement-craving youth in the blooming flower of sex- appeal. Experience shows not one in perhaps a hundred can be truly "converted" prior to this age and REMAIN converted, and constantly GROWING SPIRITUALLY, closer and closer to Christ and His Kingdom, through these trying years.

There can be no set rule about the proper age for baptism. It is almost impossible to be ABSOLUTELY SURE about young people under 21 or 25 -- and especially under 18 -- and unless POSITIVELY SURE that such a one has really repented of self-will, self-desire, and the ways of this world, such a one should be encouraged to live according to God's Word, but refrain from baptism until SURE. John the Baptist insisted on candidates bringing forth "fruits meet for repentance" -- or PROVING their repentance by THE FRUITS in their lives.

Youngsters should let a few years of such fruits PROVE their repentance and permanent sincerity and earnestness. Adults should be baptized IMMEDIATELY, or as soon as possible, on real repentance and faith.

In the case of some awaiting baptism among our radio listeners and readers, unable to find a man of God qualified to baptize them, this very necessity forces them to wait until we can send them a minister. Where NECESSITY prevents immediate baptism, in such cases, or like the thief on the cross, God understands and makes allowance. But avoid all unnecessary delay.

[The Worldwide Church of God has many ministers throughout the United States and British Common-wealth of nations. Few should have any real difficulty in locating a true servant of God.]

Must Baptism Be Administered Only by Ordained Ministers?

Finally, who is authorized to administer baptism?

Must the repentant believer be baptized ONLY by an ordained minister? How much depends upon the goodness, or belief, or spirituality of the man who performs the ordinance?

First, let us look to the example of Jesus; next, to the instructions of Christ; and then, to the teaching and practice in the early New Testament Church.

Was Jesus Himself an "ordained minister" -- that is, ordained and approved by one of the popular denominations around Him? No, He was despised and rejected of them -- opposed, persecuted, belittled as a non-conformist. And He baptized more disciples than John. Even John was not recognized, ordained, or sponsored in any way by any popular group or church. He was in their sight a rank outsider.

Actually, as pointed out earlier, Jesus Himself immersed no one with His own physical hands -- His disciples did it for Him, by His authority. And right there is the point which answers the whole question. The one qualified to do the immersing must always perform it IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST -- which means by His authority, acting for Christ as His disciple.

The principle is that IT IS CHRIST WHO IS BAPTIZING YOU. The man who puts you under the water is merely performing this physical act for Christ, in His stead. You are not to look to the human man, further than to conscientiously try to go to one you honestly feel is a man of God, called of Christ, and used of Him in the work of His true Church. And if later he turns the wrong way, your salvation does not depend on that man or any other mortal man, BUT SOLELY UPON CHRIST! There is no cause to be baptized again by another man.

Always there is the chance that you may be deceived in the man you believe qualified to act for Christ in the act of baptism. If it depended upon this man, you would have to have divine powers of reading minds and hearts to be sure. You might have to be immersed fifty times before you could be absolutely sure of the man who did it -- and even then you could be mistaken. Just be as careful as you can, as God gives you to see, in the man who acts for Christ in baptizing you -- and then DO NOT LOOK AT THE MAN -- LOOK AT CHRIST -- consider that it is CHRIST who is baptizing you, by and through a human instrument. And even if the instrument turns out to be imperfect, remember all humans are imperfect, and it was done for, and in the name of the only One who ever was perfect. And since it was in reality done BY CHRIST, it should never be done over by another.

Who Should Baptize?

Now back to the example of Christ. In His own earthly ministry, He had this immersing performed for Him by His disciples. At that time they were not even converted -- had not yet received the Holy Spirit- -for the Holy Spirit was not yet given (John 7:39) because Jesus had not yet ascended to heaven to send the Holy Spirit (John 16:7), which first came to enter within and convert these disciples on the day of Pentecost.

Peter was their leader, and even after this baptizing, Peter denied Jesus three times. If you had been baptized by Peter in Christ's name, would you, on learning of his denial of Jesus, be baptized over again?

These men, who baptized for Jesus when He was with them in person, were not ordained ministers -- were not recognized by any popular church -- were merely STUDENTS of Jesus at the time, being taught, not yet prepared to be sent out as His apostles and His ministers. And the indications are they were young men, perhaps not yet old enough to be made preachers or evangelists. They were not perfect, not even converted (Luke 22:32).

Consider now Christ's teaching. Those who go forth teaching, or preaching, His Gospel (most popular denominations preach a different gospel) are the ones He commanded and commissioned to do the baptizing (Matt. 28:19-20).

Consider the example of the inspired early Church. Philip was not an apostle, or a regular minister, but merely a deacon commissioned by the Church only to perform physical acts, such as waiting on tables (Acts 6:2-5). Yet he went down to Samaria and preached Christ and His Kingdom, and the people who believed were baptized (Acts 8:5-6, 12). The text does not even state that Philip did the baptizing -- he may have had some of his new converts do it.

If you study the New Testament on the point, you will see it does not appear to attach great importance as to which man puts the believer under the water, since it is considered by the one baptized that CHRIST does it. The Holy Spirit sent Philip later to baptize the eunuch (Acts 8:26-39).

However, notice that the one performing the baptism ceremony was a representative (though not necessarily an ordained minister) of the true Church of God in every New Testament case. This was the Church Jesus founded (Matthew 16:18).

Paul Baptized Few

Consider, finally, Paul's example and teaching.

The Corinthian Church was having a contention as to which man they would follow. At Corinth some wanted to follow Paul and start a church with him at the head -- others wanted to follow Peter; others, Apollos.

"Is Christ divided?" asked Paul of them (I Cor. 1:13). "Was PAUL crucified for you? Or were ye baptized in the name of Paul? I thank God that I baptized none of you, but Crispus and Gaius; lest any should say that I had baptized in mine own name. And I baptized also the household of Stephanas: besides, I know not whether I baptized any other. For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel" (I Cor. 1: 13-17).

Notice, PAUL BAPTIZED VERY FEW. He had others -- perhaps among them a few lay members who were not ordained ministers at all -- do it for Christ. He was the called minister by whom Christ carried the Gospel to the Gentiles -- through whom CHRIST as head of the Church ruled the churches which had been raised up by the preaching of Paul and the young men he taught and sent out under his direction. Paul did not consider it important or essential that he, personally, baptize all those being converted under the ministry God carried on through his supervision. "Christ sent me not to baptize," he said. Paul had other ordained ministers and helpers do the baptizing for him -- UNDER HIS DIRECTION.

Some, today, being converted under the ministry God is carrying on through the supervision of Herbert W. Armstrong seem to think it important that Herbert W. Armstrong baptize them. But, as in the days of Paul, there is danger lest people get to looking too much to the person or the human instrument God is using, INSTEAD OF LOOKING TO CHRIST, THE HEAD OF THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD.

And so, as Paul did, we today sometimes have other consecrated and dedicated non-ordained men do the baptizing. It is done IN THE NAME OF CHRIST -- it is really CHRIST doing it, through human instrumentality. A man does it merely as a servant, or instrument of Christ -- just as performing a service, never to his own credit or glory or honor.

Baptizing Counsel

The Worldwide Church of God has dedicated, consecrated, converted, ordained MINISTERS (and assistants) in all parts of the world -- available to call on you, visit in your home, answer your questions about repentance and baptism, explain the Bible to you -- IF YOU request it.

These men are all fully instructed and trained in the ordinance of baptism. Of course, they will not urge you to be baptized. God has made every human a free moral agent. God compels each to make his own decisions, and the true God will never force you to be converted.

However, if you of your own volition desire personal counsel about repentance and baptism, why not request a private appointment with one of God's ministers? We may be able to have one call on you quite soon. And let me suggest that you JOT DOWN on paper THE QUESTIONS you are going to want to ask. I've learned, personally, by more than 46 years' experience, that you'll forget them unless you do.

Hundreds and hundreds -- yes, thousands upon thousands -- are being converted -- their lives changed -- by this Work of God, through The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, the Ambassador College Correspondence Course, and through the ministry of the Worldwide Church of God.

Some, not realizing one of God's own called and consecrated ministers could call and explain, answer questions, and even baptize, have JOINED one of the churches of this world. You cannot JOIN the true Church of God -- the Almighty God puts you in.

But if you have questions about fellowship, doctrines or practice, repentance and baptism -- or any questions about the Bible, or the Christian life, write me. I cannot call and visit with you personally any more (as I used to do and wish I still could), but God has now given me many truly called and chosen men who CAN.

Weigh carefully the FACTS, according to your own BIBLE. Then make your decision and take what steps GOD shows you.


And now you should read these booklets: "This Is the Worldwide Church of God", "Just What Is the Church?", "What Is a Real Christian?" and "Just What Do You Mean -- the Unpardonable Sin?"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

David Ben-Ariel

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God and the Gays - Make Up Your Mind (Part 6)
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[News-and-Society:Religion] The Bible reveals that two of men's biggest problems are LUST and PRIDE (1 John 2:16). They go hand in hand, and are like a dog chasing its tail: a vicious cycle.

God and the Gays - Once Gay, Always Gay? (Part 3)
[News-and-Society:Religion] There isn't any sin too great, or problem deep-rooted, or mind that's scarred, that Christ can't reach or touch or heal (Ps. 139:7-12; Mat. 15:30). If we accept the Bible as the literal Word of God, and believe that God says what He means and means what He says, then we can't escape the fact that God expressly forbids any premarital or extramarital sex.

God and the Gays - All that Glitters isn't Gold (Part 2)
[News-and-Society:Religion] Are "gay" people really so happy? Or just putting on a front?

God and the Gays - To Be or Not to Be (Part 1)
[News-and-Society:Religion] Homosexuality.... Is it a matter of choice? Are some born that way? And if so, then how could God condemn it? Or does He? Does it make a difference?

God and the Gays - A Time to Heal (Part 5)
[News-and-Society:Religion] Old habits and ways of thinking can be replaced. New habits and ways of doing things can become ingrained. The divine nature can begin to replace our human nature, because God can and does heal minds and bodies!

Germany's Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World
[News-and-Society:Religion] Germany's Fourth Reich is forming with partnerships around the globe, its Assyrian eagle looking both East and West as its talons are determined to clutch countries as prey and enslave all to their system.

Israeli Jews could Learn from Christian Zionists
[News-and-Society:Religion] Further exchange between an Israeli who voted for the defeatist Kadima party of criminals and a staunch Christian Zionist.

The Plain Truth about Herbert W. Armstrong & the Worldwide Church of God
[News-and-Society:Religion] Setting the record straight about the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.

Yeshua is the Suffering Servant
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Jewish Nation is not the Suffering Servant.

Israeli Sheeple & Nazi-Muslims
[News-and-Society:Politics] An exchange between an Israeli who voted for the defeatist Kadima party of fools, and a staunch American Christian-Zionist.

Hostility Against "Jewish Holidays" to be History!
[News-and-Society:Religion] The "Jewish holidays" will be kept by the whole world under King Messiah. The biblical holy days aren't just for Jews any more!

Shimon Peres has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?
[News-and-Society:Politics] Shimon Peres has misled the Israelis to fall for a deadly peace, even over the dead body of Yitzhak Rabin.

The Toledo Blade Hides Behind "Palestinian" Children
[News-and-Society:Politics] The Toledo Blade continues to bash Israel, aiding and abetting terrorism.

David Pack & the Restored Church of God
[News-and-Society:Religion] How David Pack (formerly of the Global Church of God), Pastor General of the Restored Church of God, misled me to gain members.

German-American Israelites?
[News-and-Society] "Born German, Made American" by Nicholas Kumanoff in The Atlantic Times, reveals how "to prove their patriotism, immigrants abandoned their old identities." Following "a virulent anti-German sentiment" that spread to several states, German language classes in school were banned, German books burned in the streets, frankfurters became hot dogs and sauerkraut became "liberty cabbage." Anyone with a German name was suspect and subject to harassment.

The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah
[News-and-Society:Religion] God says, and His apostle taught, we are to share the GOOD NEWS WITH JUDAH. None of the Church of God congregations have done this! What are we waiting for?

Life is a Trek: Do You Know Where You're Going to?
[Travel-and-Leisure] "Courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it" - especially when you're off hitch-hiking thru Europe or South Africa or launching some new expedition of sorts.

May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!
[News-and-Society:Politics] May the CURSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION comes to its swift end (Daniel 9:11).

Herbert W Armstrong and Worldwide Church of God Mentioned in Israeli Newspaper
[News-and-Society:Religion] An Israeli newspaper ran a favorable article about a Worldwide Church of God member serving as a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan near Haifa.

Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?
[News-and-Society:Politics] The Justice for Rabin Coalition charges the Israeli authorities with a massive cover-up of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.

Daniel Pipes: Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?
[News-and-Society:Politics] That some "Mideast experts" mislead folks to trust in Nazi-Muslims to renounce their vows of genocide against the Jews, their phased destruction of the Jewish homeland by any means possible, is utterly insane and treacherous.

The Economist Assaults Jerusalem
[News-and-Society:Religion] Doesn't the Economist know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? Doesn't the Economist know that Israel is the Jewish homeland? Doesn't it stand to reason, then, that the capital of the Jewish homeland should be a large Jewish city?

Joseph Isn't Jewish!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Do you know the difference between Joseph and Judah?

The Passover Memorial
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Passover is both a memorial and a feast (Ex. 12:14). The PASSOVER MEMORIAL is the FIRST of the seven days of unleavened bread (not eight), and the FIRST of God's seven holy days that portray His plan of salvation for all mankind.

Stop Welfare for "Palestinian" Terrorists!
[News-and-Society:Politics] Why in the world did the European Union and the United States ever start sending WELFARE CHECKS TO SWORN ARAB ENEMIES?

Christian Cannibals?
[News-and-Society:Religion] The apostle Paul warned about Christian cannibalism: "But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another" (Galatians 5:15).

AntiChrist to Mislead more Christians than Jews
[News-and-Society:Religion] AntiChrist to mislead more Christians than Jews pretending to be "god in the flesh."

Kadima Wins, Israel Loses!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Kadima is a bought and paid for political party serving foreign interests, alien powers out to dismantle the Jewish homeland and destroy Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Pravda and Orthodox Russia: Father, Forgive Them
[News-and-Society:Religion] Some men and nations would rather die than repent. That's how serious the poison of anti-Semitism is, because their brutal hatred blinds them to the fact that Jesus is a Jew, salvation is of the Jews, and that God has ordained converted Jews will lead in the world tomorrow under Christ, instructing the other tribes about Torah.

Bird flu: Europe to slaughter Israel!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Israel is to be slaughtered by the Europeans. They've let the European fox into the chickencoop.

Blow Up the Mosques or an Expired Visa?
[News-and-Society:Politics] Disinformation abounds that I was involved in a plot to blow up the mosque in Jerusalem. The plain truth defuses such nonsense and highlights the plight of the Temple Mount under Nazi-Muslim occupation.

Europe Misses the Mark - Will It Return as the Sign of the Cross?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Europe needs a figurehead and symbols to rally around. Will the pope soon present them with both?

Muslims Reject Moses and Jesus for Mohammad
[News-and-Society:Religion] Muslims profess to accept Moses and believe in Jesus. However, the evidence says otherwise.

Two Witnesses in Jerusalem
[News-and-Society:Religion] "The whole world will soon know about the two witnesses. They will not be welcome by this world." Will they be welcome by the Church of God?

The Work of God Must Go Forward!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Herbert Armstrong preached the gospel around the world. Now we must go forward and warn the world like they've never been warned before.

Jerusalem's Fall, Division and Liberation
[News-and-Society:Religion] Europe will defeat Iran with their eyes on Jerusalem and tear its heart in two.

Purim: Rescind the Kahane Terrorist Classification!
[News-and-Society:Politics] The State Department's rash terrorist classification of Kahane discredits the United States and rewards terrorism. It's past time to right the wrong!

Europe to Take Out Iran for Jerusalem
[News-and-Society:Politics] Jerusalem is in danger of becoming the capital of Europe's Crusader Kingdom. The German-Jesuit EU will defeat Iran for Jerusalem.

Israel, Iran, and Purim
[News-and-Society:Religion] Death threats against Jews ultimately backfire as Purim teaches. Iran would do well to heed or suffer the consequences.

Misguided Mankind Requires Divine Deliverance; Extraterrestrial Intervention
[News-and-Society:Religion] Mankind will bring themselves to the point of no return, of facing extinction, unless there's divine intervention to save us from ourselves.

Kadima train to Auschwitz borders: Don't get on board!
[News-and-Society:Politics] Ehud Olmert leads the Israeli political party of Kadima that threatens to drive Israel to self-destruction and Auschwitz borders. May the Kadima train get stopped before it leaves the station!

Bavarian Pope to Sweep Europe Off Its Feet?
[News-and-Society:Religion] The German pope triggers "a wave of new faith among young people, especially the youth in Germany and Europe." Will it sweep Europe off its feet? Will the EU fall for this political pope?

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor
[News-and-Society:Politics] Ariel Sharon sold out to foreign interests and brutally betrayed those who brought him to power.

Israel's Chief Rabbi Invites Foreign Occupation
[News-and-Society:Religion] UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE! Israel's Ashkenazi chief rabbi, Yonah Metzger, has met with the Dalai Lama of Tibet (an alleged Buddhist god) and Metzger "suggested that representatives of the world's religions establish a United Nations in Jerusalem, representing religions instead of nations, like the UN currently based in New York. "Instead of planning for nuclear war and buying tanks and fighter jets, it will invest in peace," Israel National News reports.

Toledo, Islam, and Terrorists
[News-and-Society] Homeland Security agents in Toledo, Ohio have arrested and indicted three local Arab Muslims this past week on terrorism charges, making international news.

Moving Day in Gaza?!
[News-and-Society:Politics] A reality-based editorial title for the terror unleashed against 8,000 Israeli men, women and children (simply because they are Jews), would be "Ethnic cleansing in Gaza," "Gaza to be made Judenrein," or "Sharon sells out Israel for foreign interests."

Is a World Dictator About to Appear?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Will the pope exploit the European backlash against Islamofascists and call for a strong man to defend Europe? Hasn't Germany been the traditional "Defender of the Faith?"

Free Speech Under Attack in Israel
[News-and-Society:Religion] Nadia Matar indicted! Is this further proof that Freedom of Speech, and legitimate discussion is forbidden in Israeli-style democracy?

Bible Prophecy States EU to Form Core Group
[News-and-Society:Religion] Ten nations in Europe will be the engine of the European Union, driven by Germany and the Vatican.

Fighting Spiritual Depression
[Self-Improvement:Spirituality] Are you discouraged? Feeling down and out? Wondering why you should even bother trying to live the Christian life anymore, especially since you seem such a failure?

Europe Swings Both Ways
[News-and-Society:Religion] Europe swings. Hardcore proof: the EU overwhelmingly passed a resolution last month against "Homophobia in Europe."

Robert Novak: Useful Idiot for Catholic Schemes?
[News-and-Society:Politics] This is just another opportunity for the bloody Roman Catholic Church to get involved and exploit feigned interest for traditional "Christians" to further demand UN/EU occupation of the Jewish homeland.

UN to Punish "Blasphemers?"
[News-and-Society:Politics] Muslims are demanding Christian Western civilization submit to their Muslim law and abuse their recent violence as a pretext to create UN texts against blasphemy!

A Higher Calling: Quest for the Kingdom of God
[News-and-Society:Religion] Truly this spiritual journey is the adventure of a lifetime! It's a daily quest for God's Kingdom and righteousness, living and learning, so help us God.

Bavarian Pope to Pump Life into EU Body
[News-and-Society:Religion] Watch for the Bavarian pope to provide leadership and stack the EU deck in the Roman Catholic Church's favor.

The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe
[News-and-Society:Religion] Is "Eurabia" dead now since Europe is beginning to suffer from the Islamofascists?

Will the Atlantic Times Address the German Threat?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Congratulations to The Atlantic Times on its first-anniversary issue! As reported by "This week in Germany," the English-language paper was launched "to stop the drifting apart of Europe and America, and especially Germany and America...

Straight Talk about David and Jonathan
[Relationships:Sexuality] Go watch "My Fair Lady" and understand the question, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" Wasn't a homosexual question.

Scarlet Letter: A Christian With AIDS
[News-and-Society:Religion] I was diagnosed with HIV in 1999 and it's since progressed on into AIDS.

How Adam & Eve Reflect the Kingdom of God!
[News-and-Society:Religion] "In the day that Elohim (Gods) created man, in the likeness of God made He HIM; male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name ADAM."

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews
[News-and-Society:Religion] Israeli leaders have often sold out their land and people to foreign interests, bloating their personal bank accounts at Israel's expense, encouraged by America, and both will fall before the European Union.

Germany Behind the Mask: Monster or Marshmallow?[News-and-Society:Politics] "So long as we wear the mask, we remain hidden and continue to conceal the situation from ourselves.”

PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual"
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Philadelphia Church of God wastes time and money on buildings that will soon be abandoned and left desolate, just like our country, instead of taking the warning message seriously and getting the Word out about the danger the German-EU poses to our peoples.

Third Temple Coming Soon to Jerusalem![News-and-Society:Religion] Different Jewish groups and organizations prepare to construct the Third Temple upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why?

Does God Heal Today?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Can a Christian take medicines and still have faith to be healed?

Abortion: Blood of Innocents (Jeremiah 7:31)
[News-and-Society:Pure-Opinion] The cult of Choice is the worst symptom evident in society of the Hellenist disease. It sacrifices children upon the hedonistic altars of convenience and irresponsibility in an immoral and idolatrous way.

Raymond McNair Rejects God's Government
[News-and-Society:Religion] Jesus clearly stated that the Pharisees "sit in Moses' Seat" and yet some continue to follow the blind dates of the Sadducees. Why?

The Oracles of God
[News-and-Society:Religion] God has charged the Jews alone to preserve His Word. Which Jews?

Plea to Diehard Catholics & Protestants to Repent
[News-and-Society:Religion] SPIRITUAL HOMOSEXUALS, the bloody Roman Catholic whore and her Protestant prostitute daughters (Rev. 17:5), prefer their perverted and idolatrous, manmade doctrines, over the Word of God and his holy commandments.

Sorcerer-Pope to Bewitch Europe and Mislead the Masses!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Biblical prophecy reveals the pope is about to get more political and invoke supernatural forces to help get the Vatican's man elected over all Europe.

An Open Letter to President Bush
[News-and-Society:Religion] How can a professing Christian dare endanger the United States and the Promised Land of Israel?

Chocolate Continent Awaits the Great Black Return!
[News-and-Society:Politics] Why can the mayor of New Orleans say some things that are true, being realistic, that racists (seeing only the color of the skin of the one pointing out such obvious facts) would accuse others of being a racist for daring to state?

Martin Luther King Day?
[News-and-Society:Politics] If we're to be judged by the content of our character rather than the color of our skin, why continue to demand quotas and curves and tolerate such racist organizations as the NAACP?

Brokeback Mountain Blues
[Arts-and-Entertainment:Movies-TV] Brokeback Mountain forcibly brings all these tumultuous thoughts, tormenting conflicts of interest and personal struggles to the surface, surging like lava from a volcano, which I'm now wrestling with and pouring out for others to consider.

Replacement Theology Refuted!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Has God rejected Israel and Judah for the Church? Has the physical been superseded by the spiritual?

Will Yitzhak Rabin's "Bloody Shirt" Defeat Shimon Peres Again?
[News-and-Society:Politics] "Around the time of the primaries, the Labor hacks waved the bloody shirt of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995."

The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: the German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace
[News-and-Society:Politics] While the international intelligence community focuses on Islamofascist threats, the hard core EU Catholics prepare to take the whole world by surprise.

Ariel Sharon - Return to the Temple Mount!
[News-and-Society:Religion] The whole world shook when Ariel Sharon walked on the Temple Mount. What if he returned there a changed man?

The Rapture or Place of Safety?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why assume the rapture is biblical? Will God protect some and let others suffer? Can't God watch out for us on Earth?

The Covenant: God's Relationship to Jews, Israelites, and Gentiles
[News-and-Society:Religion] Are the Jews cut off from God? Is Israel divorced? Where do Gentiles belong in God's plan of salvation?

Aryan Nations to be Deported by Germany!
[News-and-Society:Religion] What a twist of fate that the Aryan Nations' German savior will become their destroyer! The Anglo-Saxons and Jews will also get stomped by the German-EU jackboot for increasingly looking to the Beast like silly doves (about to get devoured) instead of to God.

Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era (Part 1)
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong taught they were the Philadelphia era mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Who now leads Laodicea? Will they repent before the Great Tribulation?

Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era (Conclusion)
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong taught they were the Philadelphia era mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Who now leads Laodicea? Will they repent before the Great Tribulation?

Europe's Bitter Roots
[News-and-Society:Religion] Pope John Paul II called upon Europe to rediscover their roots. Will this Bavarian pope see to it that they do? Will Germany again become "Protector of Europe?"

When Caesar Plays God: When the State Oversteps Its Bounds
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why was Jesus crucified? Was He guilty of sedition? Was Jesus a dangerous individual?

Passover and Pentecost Differences Settled!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why do we differ on dates for Passover and Pentecost? Is it because our Father God left us in the dark? Has the God of law and order left us in chaos and confusion? Are we unable to "prove all things" from the Scriptures?

The Sabbath
[News-and-Society:Religion] Did God create the Sabbath only for the Jews? Did Jesus reject the seventh day for Sunday? Why so much religious confusion? Why will some lose their lives over this biblical issue?

Jewish Holidays are Biblical Festivals For God's Church!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Did God authorize Herbert W. Armstrong to determine when the holy days are to be kept? Did Jesus Christ reject the Jews and decide God's Church would now be the custodian of His sacred calendar?

Sneak Preview of the Kingdom of God!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why do many preach going to Heaven when the Bible teaches we're to pray "Thy Kingdom Come?" What will we look like in the Resurrection? And what is the Kingdom of God?

The Plain Truth about Easter
[News-and-Society:Religion] Who said to celebrate Easter? Why did the early Church keep Passover? Is Easter pagan? What would Jesus do?

The Suffering Servant
[News-and-Society:Religion] Are the Jews God's Suffering Servant? How about Jesus? Why not both?

Conflict in Jerusalem
[News-and-Society:Politics] Political demonstrations, religious questions, Jerusalem's future, Arabs and Jews and American involvement....

CAPAI: Christians Against Proselytizing Among Israel
[News-and-Society:Religion] Jews don't want Christians preaching in Israel, so why should Jews preach in America? Doesn't Judaism command Jews move to Israel?

Death to America: Our Lack of Will?
[News-and-Society:Politics] America has the power but what about the will? Will we prove to be our own worst enemy?

Death to America: Major American Cities Targeted By Terrorists?
[News-and-Society:Religion] It's only a matter of time before another terrorist attack occurs. What have we done with this grace period? Could God permit such acts to bring us to our knees?

Man Questions Whether We'll Be Angelic Or Divine
[News-and-Society:Religion] Were Adam and Eve more than human? Are we to become like the angels or something greater? What does the Bible really say?

The REAL JESUS Can't Return Until
[News-and-Society:Religion] Who said Jesus can return any second? Are there certain things that must happen first? What does Bible prophecy say?

Herbert W. Armstrong Was Ahead of His Time!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Was Herbert W. Armstrong right or wrong? What about all his predictions? Did he teach the plain truth of the Bible?

Christmas is About Giving - SAYS WHO?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why exchange gifts? Why go into debt? Is December 25th even Jesus' birthday?

Call for Anglo-Israeli Alliance
[News-and-Society:Politics] Are we waging a war of attrition? If we're fighting a war against terrorism, let's win it!

Worldwide Church of God All Over Again?
[News-and-Society:Religion] After the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God was betrayed by wolves in sheep's clothing. Were any lessons learned? Can we honestly say, "Never Again?"

Katrina is Only the Eve of Destruction!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Could Katrina only be the beginning? Is our Creator trying to get our attention? What's next?

The Secret Nazis Covet the Temple Mount
[News-and-Society:Religion] The Nazis merely went underground and put on suits and ties. Why are most Americans ignorant of a declassified US document that exposes German plans to try again?

Mama Evans
[News-and-Society:Religion] Mama Evans used to say "a little love goes a long way," "they need love the most who deserve it the least," and "tears purify the soul."

Sheik Palazzi and the Apostle Paul
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why does the stubborn stigma against Paul continue to this day? Did he teach against Judaism? Were his accusers deceitful?

The Pharisees
[News-and-Society:Religion] Who isn't aware of the sins of the Pharisees? Did Jesus have nothing but condemnation for them? You might be surprised.

Should Christians Judge?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why can everybody but Christians judge? Is it against the Christian religion? Who preaches such a stifling message?

Kingdom of God-Beings to Rule Earth from Jerusalem!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why do folks imagine they're going to Heaven? Why pray "thy Kingdom come?" We await the Second Coming of Christ to Earth. He's to reign upon the Throne of David in Jerusalem.

Where's the Temple on the Temple Mount?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Will the Jews soon build the Temple in Jerusalem? Are the occupying mosques about to be history? What about Hanukkah?

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound
[News-and-Society:Politics] A rotting prison built by the Turks 500 years ago, a cell filled with 21 prisoners made for ten and enough bedbugs for everybody.

Ohio Mosque Promotes Murder!
[News-and-Society:Religion] How an innocent visit to our local mosque turned out to be an eye-opening experience. If religious leaders can't be trusted, how can there ever be peace?

Paint Israel Black: Jews to Lose Jerusalem!
[News-and-Society:Religion] With Israel's rejection of their 1967 miracle, how can God continue to bless them with freedom? Have Israeli leaders sold out to EU interests? Will Jerusalem be forcibly divided?

Dangerous Ideas?
[News-and-Society:Politics] The dream of a Jewish homeland was once mocked and scorned. Now some fear talk about the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Why? After all, isn't it the Temple Mount?

The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
[News-and-Society:Religion] Will two witnesses, two prophets, literally face the nations from Jerusalem? What is their message? Why are they murdered? When are they resurrected?

The Plain Truth About The "Lost Ten Tribes" And Why You Need To Know
[News-and-Society:Religion] Has God revealed where the "Lost Ten Tribes" are today? Does it matter? Are they in Africa or India or Europe? What does biblical prophecy teach?

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel
[News-and-Society:Politics] Why did the American government turn a blind eye to injustice against an American citizen? How long will Israel engage in politico-religious persecution against Christians and Jews?

Israel Work History (Worldwide Church of God)
[News-and-Society:Religion] Herbert W. Armstrong reached the leaders of Israel, but what about your average Israeli citizen? Did the Gospel begin again in Galilee after 2,000 years?

Why I No Longer Celebrate Christmas
[News-and-Society:Religion] Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Can a pagan holiday be converted? Does it matter what God thinks?

David Ben-Ariel Faces the Aryan Nations
[News-and-Society:Religion] Are all white supremacist groups alike? Is everybody who believes in the Israelite origins of the West a racist? Are Jews really Jews?

Race Matters
[News-and-Society:Religion] Is interracial marriage wrong? Did God intend for the races to be separate? Did God divide the nations to preserve distinct family ties?

God's One Government Has Two Branches!
[News-and-Society:Religion] How do Christians temper the Law of Moses with the Sermon on the Mount? What belongs to Ceasar and what belongs to God?

Was Herbert Armstrong Elijah?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Many believe that someone in the power and spirit of Elijah will appear before the return of Jesus Christ. Was Herbert W. Armstrong that man?

Aid for Africa?
[News-and-Society:Politics] Why is Africa still such a basket-case? Why hasn't Western aid lifted the Dark Continent from its abyss?

Black Mark on Toledo
[News-and-Society:Pure-Opinion] Why didn't Toledo just ignore the Nazis? Why did the riots preach the best sermon ever for them? Why did the police permit anarchy in the streets?

Two Witnesses to Testify in Jerusalem Against Europe!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Who will stand up to the Beast and False Prophet? Who will offer hope and comfort to Israel's captive audience?

The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Many expect the Jews will soon build the Third Temple in Jerusalem, long foretold by the Prophets. Will the Vatican return the Temple treasures to Jerusalem that Rome plundered? Will the pope offer this gesture of reconciliation?

Jews Should Follow Judaism to Israel!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Such a great influx of American Jews into Eretz Israel could help sweep away the suicidal peace process and restore Israel to its right mind!

The Church of God Must Warn the World!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Aren't Christians to reach out to the world? Should Christians explain the biblical significance of what's going on in the world or leave folks in the dark? Shouldn't we warn about the Beast and False Prophet or is that too political?

A Jewish Homeland
[News-and-Society:Religion] Weren't the Jews prophesied to return to Israel? Are the Jews ethnic Jews or merely converts? How should Israel treat their resident Arabs? Why does the world focus on Jerusalem?

Born Again: The Kingdom of God!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Is God reproducing Himself? What is Christian conversion all about? What does it mean to be born again? Has traditional Christianity "toned down" our incredible human potential?

Onward Christian Soldiers!
[News-and-Society:Religion] Was Jesus a pacifist? Should all Christians be conscientous objectors? What about self-defense? Wasn't King David, the warrior, a man after God's own heart?

A House of Prayer for All Peoples?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why does Israel tolerate religious discrimination? Why are non-Muslims illegally barred from praying or reading the Bible upon the Temple Mount? Isn't the Temple Mount Judaism's holiest site?

UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Could the groundwork have been laid decades ago for the dreadful appearance of the biblical BEAST? Isn't the "Anti-Christ" going to wield both political and spiritual powers? Could a gentle but firm person deceive the nations into imposing his peace plan upon the Middle East to save the whole world from nuclear catastrophe?

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!
[News-and-Society:Politics] Former Consul General in Jerusalem, Edward Abington, Jr., is now a multi-million dollar counsel to the Palestinian Authority in Washington, D.C.? This raises serious questions about whether or not Edward Abington, Jr. was already on their payroll during his time in Israel. Why did Edward Abington, Jr. ignore the plight of an American citizen in a Jerusalem jail that he knew was innocent?

From Toledo To Jerusalem
[News-and-Society:Religion] Why would anybody want to leave the United States to live throughout Israel, even during Operation Desert Storm, who isn't Jewish? Why did such an individual get deported from Israel when he didn't commit any crime? Will Israel lift the entry ban against him?

Separation of Church and State? Says Who?
[News-and-Society:Religion] Should Christians keep their religion out of the public place and save it for their homes or religious services? Should Christians hold office or fight in wars or support those who do?