Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Will Europe go all the way?

Europe loses seat at top table
In Washington they're not sure who's in charge. In Brussels they're squabbling. Ian Traynor reports on the EU's crisis of confidence

Ian Traynor
guardian.co.uk, Monday 8 February 2010 23.50 GMT


Europe will find that the only way they can effectively get things done is to surrender their sovereignty to one, a virtual dictatorship by consent, rather than diffuse their power and weaken their positions by constant squabbles and abuses of democracy. Are they willing to take that risk?

Europe has flirted with intoxicating ideas of becoming an empire with its own emperor - the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the German Nation - but are shy in going all the way. Will Germany and the Vatican offer Europe attractive incentives to seduce them to let them have their way or threaten them if they continue to hesitate?


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