Wednesday, January 20, 2010 reaches 4 million visitor goal in last hour of 2009

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan - In the last hour of 2009's last day reached its goal of four million Web site visitors for the year. Web site also experienced an increase in traffic for the year, attracting 466,939 total visitors who viewed its Web pages two million times.

"In early December it became clear that the last few days of the month would determine whether or not reached its yearly target. To increase visitor traffic the site moved up its planned 2010 launch of its brand new Roman Empire section ( to mid-December. As the end of the month approached it all came down to how many visitors the site could draw on December 31st. To reach its goal the site had to perform 50% better than it did for the same day in 2008. I wasn't optimistic this large an increase would occur."

"However, as the last day of 2009 progressed, it looked more and more likely the site had a real chance of achieving its goal for the year. When the final statistics came in they showed God, in the very last hour of 2009, gave the site the traffic it needed to finish the year with 4,000,369 visitors!" stated Webmaster Alan Ruth.

Alan also stated 2010's goal of five (5) million actual visitors is off to a fantastic start. Stats for the first half of January project will serve 400,000+ monthly visitors and, for the first time ever, have its Web pages requested one million times in a single month...

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