Saturday, August 22, 2009

Frequently Asked Bible Questions

Bible answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about God, Jesus Christ, prophecy, the end time, the second coming, the Antichrist, God's plan and purpose for your life, salvation, grace, law, faith, creation, evolution, prayer, Bible study, relationships, living a Christian life and more!
We plan to add questions and answers regularly. In the meantime, if you don't see your Bible FAQ here, ask our team of caring, dedicated ministers for a personal answer. (Please allow a week or so for an e-mail response.)
New Bible FAQs:
- What should I do when family members disagree with my religious beliefs?- What does the Bible teach on the subject of divorce and remarriage?- Does the Bible say anything about cremation?

Bible FAQ Topics:
What do Bible prophecies of the future mean?
What is the good news of the Kingdom of God?
What happens after I die?
How can I improve my marriage and family life?
What should I do to live a Christian life?
What's involved with becoming a new Christian?
What does God want us to do?
What is sin and how can I overcome it?
What does the Bible say about jobs, money, debt and finances?
What Holy Days and holidays does God want (or not want) us to celebrate?
Who is God?
How can we know that God created everything and that it didn't all evolve?
Does God care how I look? How does He want us to look?
What is the Bible and how can I gain the most from it?
How can you explain Bible scriptures that are difficult to understand?

Bible Study Lessons
Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold? Our eye opening 12-lesson Bible Study Course will make the Bible come alive as it leads you through the biblical answers to these and other questions!

How do I begin a Bible study program?

Keys to a Successful Bible Study

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