Saturday, May 26, 2007

Was Ariel Sharon a prostitute?

General Ariel Sharon was a bought and paid for prostitute of the German-Jesuit EU. Even though some religious people wished him dead (since he appeared incorrigible), they wouldn't touch him and left him to God. It was the godless LEFT that expressed greater anger and frustration against Ariel Sharon, time and again, as well as Israel's sworn Arab enemies who felt his Judenrein policies of expelling Jews from their homes and businesses in the Jewish Homeland, his ethnic cleansing of Jews, was an act of weakness to be despised and celebrated. Such a hateful act rewarded their terrorism and now those Arab occupied biblical territories are terrorist training camps (with many weapons supplied by the American tax-payers, thanks to the treacherous George Bush and Condi CFR company).

It's only a matter of time before Jerusalem suffers EU occupation.

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